Dustin is a firm believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. He was born and raised in a Christian home, and through Awana made his faith his own and developed a personal relationship with God. Dustin attended Awana from Pre-school through Highschool, and earned the highest award possible, the Citation award.

Faith is an important part of his life, and has helped to shape many of his views in political areas as well.

– He believes that the 1st amendment was created to protect churches, of all kinds, from interference from the state, and he will fight to make sure this continues.

– He believes that every life is important, from the youngest of them who are still in the womb, to the eldest.

– He believes that God gave us a beautiful state to live in and therefore we ought to be good stewards of that and take care of our environment so that future generations will also have the privilege of enjoying His beautiful creation!


Dustin is a true family man. He has been married to his beautiful wife Katherine for over 2 years, and has two kids; Cooper age 1, and a new baby boy who is due in September! Dustin loves spending all the time he can with his family, and makes family a main priority in his life.

– He believes that families have the right to choose medical treatment for themselves, and their kids.

– He believes that getting outdoors and spending time with loved ones is not only good for the physical health of Coloradans, but also for their mental health.


Dustin strongly believes that America’s freedoms are what make us such a great nation. He will fight to keep the freedoms that have been granted to us since the foundation of our wonderful country.

-He believes that citizens have the constitutional right to bear arms, and as a gun owner himself, he will fight to insure that this right shall not be infringed upon.

-He believes that citizens have the right to say whatever they feel led to say, and that this freedom of speech also applies to those who you do not fully agree with.

– He believes that those in America have the right to worship and that the state or nation shall not abridge that right in any way.

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